I’m probably not the best person to tell anyone else about me, but here goes: I am an explorer. I am an artist. I am a lover of life. A dreamer of fantastic dreams. I refuse to grow up. I figured out some time ago, with the help of my Muse, that the surest way to be happy is to be happy. So that’s what I do. I try to make each moment count, and not in an inspirational landscape photo office poster-sort of way, but in a decision-by-decision what-would-I-really-rather-be-doing-right-now-sort of way. I would rather read a story than watch a movie, I would rather watch a thunderstorm than do almost anything else, I would rather play with bats, I would rather go to see play, I would rather make pancakes, etc., but I love to do all those things. I like to work really hard and go to bed with tired muscles, and I like to play really hard and wear out everybody else. I find all of nature fascinating, all aspects of humanity fascinating. I love to learn.
I was looking for a house when the roommate I was sharing a place with moved out. I found this place in an ordinary way, through a real estate agent who told me it didn’t really meet my criteria but I should maybe just take a look. It was love at first sight, when I saw the sycamore tree. We’ve shaped each other, really, The Hollow and I. In some ways, I have found myself in it.


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